The Open Education 2011 conference行きたい! #opened11
2011 Conference Theme: Be “Open” Minded

Open Education 2011 Conference

「Be “Open” Minded」がテーマな「Open Education 2011 conference」、「Call for Proposals」が発表された模様。

Open Education encompasses a wide range of ideas and practices: open educational resources, open learning support, open credentialing, open access, open scholarship, open teaching, and others.

2011 Call for Proposals

カンファレンスのテーマにopen accessやopen scholarshipが含まれていると聞いてが騒ぎだしました。

更に読み進めると、Presentation Formatsには3種類あるとのこと。Traditional Presentationで20分喋るか、Open Science Fairで90分デモるか・・悩ましいところですね、・・て。。(´・ω・`)オイ

Submit a tweet-sized abstract (140 characters or less) and a proposal (500 words or less) describing your session by Monday, May 16, 2011 via the online submission system.

2011 Call for Proposals


気になる開催地ですが、alt Lake City International airportから僅か30分程と云うThe Canyons。
The 2011 conference venue is The Canyons resort in Park City, Utah.



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