ACM Web Science Conference 2011 Workshop / altmetrics11: Tracking scholarly impact on the social Web 行きたい! #altmetrics

情報源は,みんな大好き Mendeley の関係者ツイート.

Increasing scholarly use of Web2.0 tools like CiteULike, Mendeley, Twitter, and blog-style article commenting presents an opportunity to create new filters. Metrics based on a diverse set of social sources could yield broader, richer, and more timely assessments of current and potential scholarly impact. Realizing this, many authors have begun to call for investigation of these “altmetrics.” (see for a bibliography and more details).

altmetrics11: Tracking scholarly impact on the social Web –

なにこれ面白そうと食い入るようにサイトを巡回したり #altmetrics を追ったりしていたところ,

How is the Web changing the way we identify scientific impact? from Smartley-Dunn on Vimeo.

こうした方々が,今一度 alt-metrics について発表し合おう話し合おうってのが今回のワークショップでしょうか.

Submissions are invited from a variety of areas:

  • New metrics based on social media
  • Tracking science communication on the Web
  • Relation between traditional metrics and altmetrics
  • Peer-review and altmetrics
  • Tools for gathering, analyzing, disseminating altmetrics

altmetrics11: Tracking scholarly impact on the social Web –

alt-metrics について,既に情報交換出来る場(グループ)が Mendeley に出来てる様です.早速・・

[alt-metrics] Social Measures of Scholarly Impact The aim of this group is to discuss new approaches to the assessment of scholarly impact based on new "social metrics". alt-metrics go beyond traditional citation-based indicators (as well as raw usage factors, such as downloads or click-through rates) in that they focus on readership/diffusion indicators that can be tracked via blogs, microblogging platforms, peer production systems, collaborative annotation systems (including social bookmarking services

alt-metrics | Research groups | Mendeley


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An ACM Web Science Conference 2011 Workshop
14-15 June 2011, Koblenz (Germany)

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