Microsoft eJournal Serviceは:-(だけど、Creative Commons Add-in for Office 2007はヨイかも



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と云うことで、気になるサービスの名称はMicrosoft eJournal Service (Alpha)と云うらしい。

The Microsoft eJournal Service will provide a hosted, full-service solution to support scholarly societies, small publishers, and medium-sized publishers in the production of online-only journals. It is designed to simplify the self-publishing of workshop and conference proceedings and smaller journals, as well as online collaboration between authors. The service supports managing the submission and review of articles in any format, and the deposit of final articles in information repositories by using the SWORD protocol. An alpha version, available now, is hosted via Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007―allowing organizations to utilize this functionality without provisioning or maintaining any infrastructure.

Technical Computing @ Microsoft – Scholarly Communication

This offering provides a hosted, full-service solution that facilitates easy self-publishing of online-only journals to facilitate the availability of conference proceedings and small and medium-sized journals.

Microsoft Research Unveils Free Software Tools to Help Scholars and Researchers Share Knowledge: Microsoft Research Faculty Summit fosters industry and academic partnerships to create next-generation computing technologies.


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Creative Commons Add-in for Office 2007:クリエイティブ・コモンズライセンスを直接Officeファイルに埋め込むことができる。

Microsoft、学術研究支援ツールを発表 - ITmedia News


Download details: Creative Commons Add-in for Microsoft Office 2007

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