Creative Commonsライセンスを活用した代理投稿について考えてみよう

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Creative CommonsのCEOがLawrence Lessigから伊藤穰一さんに代わると云う。

We’re also pleased to announce some changes to CC’s leadership that reflect. Lawrence Lessig is stepping down as CEO of Creative Commons, to focus on his newly-launched project, Change Congress. He will be replaced by entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and free culture advocate Joi Ito. Lessig will remain on the Creative Commons board.

Creative Commons Announces New Leadership, New Funding - Creative Commons

改めて、ですがCreative Commonsとは…


TechCrunch Japanese アーカイブ » 伊藤穰一氏がクリエイティブ・コモンズのトップに

お。TechCrunch Japaneseのエントリ内でプレスリリースがscribdにアップされているのを発見。

scribdのページにアクセスしてみると、アップロードしたのはCreative CommonsじゃなくってTechCrunchだったのね。
そう、Creative Commonsのライセンス表示をうまく活用して、こんな代理投稿も可能。


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Convert Your Paper to iPaper is a program at Scribd where we will scan and OCR your paper documents and publish them on the internet for free (for a limited time only). You just send us the documents in the mail - we'll take care of the rest.

Yes, we know we're announcing this on 1 April, but this is not an April Fool's Joke. :-)

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You mail us your documents

Convert Your Paper to iPaper | Scribd

Scribdサードパーティーと契約しており、彼らが Scribd に代ってスキャン作業を担当するとのこと。

POLAR BEAR BLOG: Scribd、文書の無料スキャンサービスを開始

What kinds of documents can you scan?

Scribd uses highly advanced scanning technology provided by our partners to scan and OCR documents at high volume. Our scanners can scan almost any written documents, but be sure to contact us for details about your particular materials.

Convert Your Paper to iPaper | Scribd



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